The Premature Celebration

This is my first of two GIF assignments this week. I chose to do this assignment because I love sports and when I saw this on the list of assignments, this moment came to my mind instantly. I remembered watching this game a few years ago and thought that this moment would be perfect for the GIF.

Everyone likes to celebrate when their team wins a game or someone makes a spectacular shot, but what happens when your celebration goes wrong? In an outstanding game between Oklahoma and Missouri, Stephen Pledger, a former player on the Oklahoma mens basketball team, started to celebrate right after his shot while the ball was in the air because he thought there was no doubt the ball was going into the basket. When the ball then rimmed out he fell to the ground in disbelief. He had a chance to send the game into overtime to keep his team’s chances of upsetting a high ranked Missouri team late in the season alive. To add to the fact that his team lost, his premature celebration was all over ESPN for the next week and made it onto the Not Top 10 plays of the week. The Not Top 10 are basically like bloopers during games where the hosts on ESPN are able to make fun and laugh about them.

Assignment: Celebrating Too Early

Stars: 3.5

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