The Robbery

This is my first audio assignment and was the one assignment that we were required to complete this week. We had to create a story only using sound effects, no voices. I used to find the sound effects I used for my story. I started my story off slow with a guy just walking down the street. He then enters a gas station and the bell on the door rings as he walks in. His footsteps come to a complete stop and you hear him fire a gun and a lady screams and then you hear two more shots fired. He rushes over to the cash register and opens it and starts taking out all of the cash. He starts to flee the scene, but only a few seconds later as he is running down the street, police sirens start going off in the distance and begin to get closer and closer. The story ends with the sirens and leaves the ending to the story open for the viewer to decided whether the robber gets away or if he ends u getting caught by the police and arrested. I was able to use some of the techniques we learned this week by layering some of the sound effects in this story, like when the robber is opening the door and walking at the same time and when he is running away from the store at the end and the police sirens are going off, so its not just one thing happening at. Layering the sounds really helps make the story come to life.

Assignment: Sound Effects Story

Stars: 3.5

I created this audio story on Audacity.

Step 1: Find the sounds you want to use in your story on or another free sound website.

Step 2: After opening Audacity, click File -> Import -> Audio and choose a sound you wish to add to your story.

Step 3: Click the selection tool at the top and highlight the parts of the sound that you want to delete and then click Edit -> Delete.

Selection Tool



Step 4: When you add another sound using Step 2 again, you can click on the Time Shift Tool at the top to move the sound effect to where you want it to start in relation to the sound effect(s) that you already have.

Time Shift Tool


Step 5: Repeat Steps 2-4 until your story is finished.

Step 6: Click File -> Export Audio to save your story.


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