Design Blitz

This week’s main assignment was the design blitz. I enjoyed participating in this assignment because it allowed me to see signs, posters, and advertisements around where I live in a totally different way. I found out that a lot of companies use these design guidelines to help design their logos, advertisements, and signs that they have posted all around the city. I found many different examples of these concepts throughout this week. Some of the ones I found used these concepts very well or in ways that I have never noticed and others didn’t use the concepts and their designs were a little flawed. I uploaded four of the examples I found this week to Flickr and embedded them in this post below.


I found this sign while walking on a trail with my girlfriend the other day and saw that the city of Manassas used this color concept very well in part of their design, but not so much in another part of their design. The light blue and red colors go very well together and do a very good job complimenting each other.  The use of red really make the building stand out and the blue helps make the picture look peaceful. The bad part about the sign is the use of gold-ish brown font color on a dark grey background. While walking up to the sign, I couldn’t tell that there was writing below the building because the text blends in with the background too much to be able to read the writing clearly.

Color (Design Blitz)

Metaphors and Symbols/Use of Space

I already knew about the arrow in the Fedex design, so this was an easy design to think of for the use of symbols. The use of the arrow represents how their shipping company is always moving forward and trying to deliver you packages and mail as fast as they can, but when I looked more into the design when I looked it up on, I realized that it also does a very good job un its use of white space. I read that instead of just having a white space in the logo between the E and the x, the designer, Lindon Leader, decided to make use of that white space and turned it into an arrow. I read in this article that this design was so clever that it has won over 40 design awards and the logo is ranked in the top 8 for the best logos within the past 35 years. With all of this said, there was no way I couldn’t add this logo into my blog post.

Metaphors and Symbols (Design Blitz)

Minimalism and Use of Space

The Noodles & Company restaurant is one of my favorite places to eat and I have never noticed the simplicity of its logo until today. When I was driving to take what I thought would be my last picture for the design blitz at the Fedex store, I realized that their logo uses the minimalism concept in their logo. I was surprised when I noticed this because I have eaten there probably over a hundred times and never realized this. Instead of their logo being a bowl of a bunch of noodles or something along that line, they used a pot and just one really curly noodle that took up the whole pot. This allows their logo to be very simple, but still very unique.

Minimalism and Use of Space (Design Blitz)

Form, Function, Message

This picture was actually taken on my way to the trail that I would later find the first picture. My girlfriend pointed out in a joking manner that the speed limit sign said that the speed limit is 1.5 miles per hour. When she said that, I realized that I that street sign for my design blitz to represent a bad design that if you didn’t know any better, would give someone the wrong message. The bolt that is holding the sign to the post behind it, which is about the same color as the writing on the sign, is right in between the bottom of the 1 and the 5 in the number 15. Instead of it saying the speed limit is 15 mph, it looks like it says the speed limit is 1.5 mph.

Form, Function, Message (Design Blitz)

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