I chose to do this assignment for one of my five this week because I love shoes. I have over 20 pairs of shoes ranging from $60-$200. They are a variety of running shoes, dress shoes, basketball shoes, and boots. Some people from high school used to call me a sneaker head because I liked shoes so much, so when I saw that I could design a shoe for and actual assignment for class, I couldn’t pass it up.

Since the 4th of July was this week, I thought it would be a good idea to make shoes for the USA basketball team or a 4th of July basketball shoe. I started off with a shoe that was almost all white and was able to create a shoe that had parts that resemble the American flag. The shoe only has our nation’s colors in it, red white and blue. I made the tongue white and the laces and strap red to represent the stripes on the flag. I also made the sole of the shoe blue with white speckles to represent the stars. I was also able to add the letters USA inside of the tongue (can’t see from this angle).

Assignment: Customize A Pair Of Shoes

Stars: 3

I created this shoe on

Step 1: Pick a shoe to design.

Step 2: Click the different parts of the shoe on the right and pick the color you want until the shoe is exactly how you want it.

Next I made a collage with an app on my phone called Pic Stitch.

Step 1: Pick a layout.

Step 2: Click on one of the sections and choose the photos you want to use.

Step 3: Drag the pictures into the section you want them to go into and move and resize them until it looks exactly how you want the collage to look.

Step 4: Click export in the bottom right corner to save the collage.

Next I added the words Before and After on

Step 1: Click to choose a photo.

Step 2: Click the right arrow and then pick text.

Step 3: Enter text to and choose what color you wish to use. Move and resize the text to make it perfect.

Step 4: Click apply and then save in the top right to save the picture.

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