The UMW Experience

This is my second and final video assignment of the week. In this assignment, we had to take memories that we have since we started college, like pictures and videos, that we have saved on our phones and put them together to make a video that shows everything we have experienced since we graduated high school. I chose to do this assignment because I love looking back at my pictures and reminiscing all of the good times that I have had with my friends and families. I thought that this would be a good way to put all of my memories into one video so I could go back and watch it anytime I want to.

I started off this assignment with a picture of me at my high school graduation with my brother because I wanted to start the video with a picture of me ending my high school experience and starting my college experience. It took me awhile to go through all of my pictures I have saved on my phone to find all of the ones I wanted to share in this video. I added pictures of my family and friends doing many different things like going on vacation, going to concerts, playing basketball, and celebrating multiple different holidays. I want to talk about two different transitions I have made through my first two years of college that you can see happening in the video. The first one is the transition I had from having no facial hair and looking like a little kid to growing a goatee and looking somewhat older. You can see this transition if you look at my face in the pictures at the beginning of the video and then seeing it slowly grow more and more as you start to get half way through. The other transition I want to talk about is the one that a lot of people say is somewhat impossible to do. I was able to escape the friend zone and start dating one of my very closest friends. You will see Alannah appear in a few photos here and there towards the beginning of my video, then she starts to be in a lot more as the video goes on and then I end my video with her in most of my final pictures. I really enjoyed this assignment because I could look back on all of the amazing memories I have made throughout my UMW experience so far.

I used multiple techniques that we learned about earlier this week and last week. The first one is how I added a song to play throughout my video. I search youtube for songs that are good for background music for slideshows and found this video. I thought that this would be a good song to add to my video slideshow. Other techniques I used for making videos were from one of the videos we were required to watch this week. I used a couple different transition that this video gave examples of like jump cuts and wipe transitions. I didn’t want to overload the video with transitions so I didn’t add them in between every picture. I also added a video of a time-lapse or a video that is fast forwarded of a cargo ship going by as I was looking at New York city in the distance while I was sitting in the stands for my brothers workout with the Staten Island Yankees.

Assignment: College Snapshot

Stars: 4.5

I got the music for my video by transforming a youtube video into a mp3 sound on

Step 1: After finding a video you want to convert, copy and paste the url for the video into the section that says “paste link here.”

Step 2: Click the “START” button in the middle of the screen.

Step 3: Click the “DOWNLOAD” button on the right to save your song.

I created the video on iMovie.

Step 1: Click the “New” button at the top and select no theme.

Step 2: Click the “Import” button at the top to import a picture, video, or sound (do this step until all of your pictures, videos, and sounds are imported).

Step 3: Click on the first picture or video you want to add that you already imported and then click the + button in the bottom right of the video to add (repeat step until all of your pictures and videos are added to the bottom).

Step 4: Click on your song and add it to your video by clicking the + button in the bottom right of the song.

Step 5: Edit your video.

Click on the end of a picture and drag it left to shorten the time it is shown for or right to make it show for a longer amount of time.

Click on a picture and then the crop button at the top to change how the picture zooms in or out during the video.

Step 6: Add transitions or titles by clicking transitions or titles in the bottom left.

Step 7: Click File -> Share -> Email to email it to yourself and save it.


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  1. Loved the video! I thought it was so cool how you reached all the way back to high school graduation and then showed to present day. I also remember meeting lil dicky at that concert. Such a chill dude! Great post.

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