Becoming a Better Photographer

I’ve taken many pictures this week in a couple different cities because I am from the D.C. area and I went to visit my family in Pittsburgh this weekend, so I was able to get pictures from both. My older brother took a photography class and I always heard him say “use the rule of thirds,” but I never knew what he was talking about until now. I read the tips from TEN: Ten Ways to Improve Your Craft. None of Them Involve Buying Gear and saw the one titled “Get Balanced” and it talked about the rule of thirds, so I thought I should try it out since my brother used to always talk about it.

I looked up more on the rule of thirds to get a better idea of what it was on After I learned more, looked up how to get the grid on my phone while I’m taking pictures to make it easier to use the rule of thirds. I first tried this method out by taking pictures of flowers on my mom’s front porch. This picture has the flower in the bottom right intersection so that when people look at this image, they are drawn to that one flower first.

I used the same tip for the next picture, but I also used the tip titled “Put a Great Foreground in Front of a Great Background.” I took this picture of my brother at the top of one of the inclines in Pittsburgh. He is lined up with the left grid line from “the rule of thirds” and the city in the background is in the top right intersection of the grid lines. This creates good balance in the picture and it has a foreground of the person I took the picture of and a background of all the tall buildings in Pittsburgh. Tis turned out to be my favorite picture of the pictures I took this week because I was able to use the tips and I love the city of Pittsburgh.

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