Chasing 30

I chose to do the storytelling collage for one of my 4 visual assignments this week because I wanted to tell the story of my trip I took last summer to a few baseball stadiums with my dad. The story started with me telling my dad a couple of years ago that I wanted to try to visit all 30 MLB stadiums before I died so he decided to help me out and take me to a couple last summer. We got invited to my great aunt’s birthday party in Ohio so my dad thought it would be the perfect opportunity to check some of the stadiums around there off the list. We started off at Comerica Park in Detroit to watch the Tigers play the Houston Astros where the tigers won the game 11 to 0. When that game ended we made our way to Cleveland. We watched the Minnesota Twins beat the Cleveland Indians 12 to 5 at Progressive Field. The next morning, we started driving to Cincinnati, but on the way we decided to stop by Ohio St to look at their football stadium and the rest of their campus because I have never been there before. After, we continued to Cincinnati and got to see one of the craziest baseball games I have ever seen in my life. The Reds beat the St Louis Cardinals 7 to 5 on a walk off home run which was the 17th home run we got to see within the past three days. The whole stadium was going nuts when this happened. It was the loudest I have ever heard the crowd during a game in my life. It was a great experience and I can’t wait to go on our next trip so I can keep trying to get the rest of the 30 stadiums.

Assignment: Storytelling Collage, VisualAssignments, VisualAssignments1442

Stars: 2.5

The app I used to make this collage is called Pic Stitch.

Step 1: Click on the layout you want to use

Step 2: Click on one of the sections to add the pictures

Step 3: Pick the pictures you want to use in your collage

Step 4: Drag the pictures from the bottom to the sections you want to place each picture in

Step 5: Resize and move the pictures to fit the section how you want (see screenshot for specific instructions)

Step 6: Click the Export button in the bottom right corner

Step 7: Choose where you want to export your picture to

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