Pre-Dinner Hunger

I chose to use this picture for this assignment because it is a picture of me and my two brothers from our family vacation to Key Largo last summer that I thought I would be able to think of exactly what we were saying or thinking during the time the picture was taken. The picture was taken outside of a restaurant right before we went inside to eat, so I of course was telling my mom to hurry up because I wanted to go eat dinner because I am always hungry. My older brother Brandon was probably trying the make us laugh by saying something corny and said “say cheese.” My younger brother is always worried about how he looks in pictures so I assumed he was thinking about whether his hair looked good in the picture or not.

Assignment: Your Very Own Spubble, VisualAssignments, VisualAssignments190

Stars: 2

I used to edit this picture.

Step 1: Click to upload a photo

Step 2: Choose which picture you want to use

Step 3: Click on the stickers button

Step 4: Click on the signature button

Step 5: Choose which speech bubbles you wish to use and move and resize them

Step 6: Click “Apply” in the top right

Step 7: Click the right arrow until you see the text button and then click on it. Type in what you want it to say and then move and resize it to fit into the speech bubble.

Step 8: Then click “Apply” in the top right and then the word “Save” will replace it and click on that too. After that click download and the picture will be downloaded to your computer.

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