Where’s Tina?

This is my second daily create of the week. Today we had to add a picture of Talking Tina to a Where’s Waldo picture. I was always a fan of Where’s Waldo, so I really enjoyed participating in today’s daily create. Let me know if you are able to find her. Good luck!

I created this assignment on GIMP.

2 thoughts on “Where’s Tina?”

  1. Can I just take a moment to admire you work with GIMP. I’ve hated that program since I downloaded it, but you have some sort of sorcery with it. In terms of finding Tina…it took me a couple minutes and look throughs to find her…BUT I DID. The cut out is great and the photo you used mixes well with the overall scene.

    1. Thank you! All of these assignments we have been doing in this class have really helped me become a better picture editor while using GIMP, so it is nice to see that someone is noticing that I am improving.

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