Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad Reflection

I thought these videos were very helpful for learning the basics of audio storytelling. They provided a good foundation for what we were going to learn about the rest of the week. They were able to help people who had no background in audio storytelling, like me, see what they were getting themselves into before they started the week.

I liked how Ira Glass split up his video up into four parts and gave each of them a title that he was going to talk about for that video. I liked how in the first video he talked about how stories are just a sequence of events, but he also said that the reader needs to be able to see, as he is listening, that the story “has a destination” and that it isn’t just talking in circles. I thought I was able to use this concept in my story with just sound effects this week by making one thing happen right after the other and making the story seem like it is getting somewhere by have two different intense moments when he is firing the gun and when the cop sirens start going off. I also saw what he was talking about in the third video about good taste first hand this week. There were a few of my assignment this week that I knew were bad, so I had to restart, but I kept creating and didn’t give up like he said to do in the video because everyone, no matter who you are, starts off making bad audio stories and just get better as time goes on.

I enjoyed listening to the interview with Jad Abumrad on “How Radio Creates Empathy” because I liked how he talked about how the radio allows something to be described to you and you get to imagine it instead of seeing it like in a movie. The story is basically giving the viewers guidelines on to what they are imagining and the viewers get to create it in their heads. I feel like I was able to do this in my  story with just sound effects because I think I gave enough details using the sound effects that the viewers will be able to picture exactly what is going on in the mind.

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