TED Radio Hour and ScottLo Reflection

I felt that these recordings were really useful in creating my assignments this week. They provided many techniques and tips to use while you are making audio recordings. They also give good examples of each one. I feel like I learned a lot from these videos and am glad they were able to help be become a better audio storyteller.

TED radio hour and the detective stories were a very helpful recordings this week for me to learn tips on how to become a better audio storyteller. These recordings provided many well labeled examples of different techniques that will help bring your stories to life and keep your listeners engaged. I was able to use some of these tricks that I learned from these videos in a couple of my assignments this week. I used layered sounds that the detective stories gave a few examples of in my story using just sounds to give the listeners a sense of actually being there. I also used sound effects that provided good transition that I learned from listening to these recordings in my music mashup assignment I made this week.

The ScottLo recordings were also very useful with some of my assignments this week. These recordings were for the most part short and easy to listen to so it wasn’t as much listening as I thought it was going to be. I was able to learn a couple of tips on using audacity to create some of my assignments for this week from episode 9. I feel that these tips help me create some of my work this week. Also, in episode 8, he breaks down some submissions for the sound effects story assignment that was a required assignments this week and gave pointers on what was good and bad about them. I feel like this helped me make a better story when I was creating my recording for this assignment.

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