Vignelli Canon Reflection

I was able to take away some very useful information after reading The Vignelli Canon earlier this week. It wasn’t as quick of a read as I thought it would be because I am kind of a slow reader, but I enjoyed learning about all of these new concepts of design. I wanted to wait until I finished posting about all of my other assignments this week to post my reflection because I wanted to also talk about how I used these concepts in my designs this week.

First I will start with a few quotes from the pdf that I really liked. “We strive for a Design that is centered on the message rather than visual titillation.” This part really impacted how I created my assignments this week. After reading this, I felt that I should try to incorporate a message in as many of my assignments this week as possible instead of just coming up with cool looking designs. The second quote was “Whatever we do, if not understood, fails to communicate and is wasted effort.” This quote caused me to make sure everything I created this week could be understood by the viewer and if the picture wasn’t enough to have the viewer understand what I created, I explained it well enough in my blog post, so that the viewer was able to understand exactly what I created and why. The last quote I took away from the reading that help me this week was “every detail is important.” This made me pay close attention to detail with assignment I designed. It made me make sure everything in my pictures were perfect. If the font I chose looked a little weird or the color, I changed it. If I noticed the text boxes or pictures were a little off centered of crooked, I made sure I fixed the problem before moving on.

When I created my ad using a cartoon character, I used the information from the Equity section and instead of changing the Huggies logo that everyone has grown accustom to, I just added the cartoons to help market the product better and left the company’s logo untouched. I also used information from the Scale section of the pdf when I created the Summer Winter Wonderland. I made sure that in the picture we weren’t too big or to small compared to the trees in the background. I made sure we were scaled perfectly with the picture. I used skills from the Identity and Diversity section to help me create the text in my Places To Visit collage. I changed the font type for each different picture in the collage to make it known that each picture is a different place. I took ideas away from the Grids, Margins, Columns and Modules section of the pdf while creating the collages I made this week. I found the perfect grids and formats that displayed my pictures in the best possible way. Another section I used from the reading was Flush Left, Centered, Justified. I used this concept when I was creating every text box. All the text boxes I used formatted the text so we could read them from left to right. I also centered some of them to fit the pictures better and so we could read them easier. The last section that I used a lot this week was Color. I tried to use the right colors at the right times for each picture I created to make sure none of the colors clashed and to make sure all of the colors looked good together.

The last thing I want to comment on is from the Discipline section. I wish I would have paid more attention to the part when the author said “there is no room for procrastination,” because I procrastinated quite a bit at the beginning of the week to get started with all of this work. I also procrastinated a little when it came to posting my assignments. I finished designing and taking most of my pictures, but waited until the last couple of days to post them.

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