T-shirt Tutorial

Design Assignment: Create A T-shirt

Stars: 2.5

I created this t-shirt on www.customink.com.

Step 1: To change the color of the t-shirt, click the change color button and then the blue change button next to the current color and then select the color you want.

Step 2: To upload a picture, click add art and then the upload now button and then choose the picture you want to add.

Step 3: Click and drag the bottom right corner of the picture to make the picture larger or smaller.

Step 4: Click the add text button and then enter the text you want to add text to the t-shirt.

Step 5: Click on the text to get the options to move it, make it bigger, change the font, change the color, and change its shape.

Step 6: After you finish creating the front of the t-shirt, you can click on the rotate button to design the back of the shirt.

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