Week 2 Summary

This is my ds106 week 2 summary.

I feel that this week was a little more difficult than week one because we had more work to do and I didn’t have a background on design coming into this week. I struggled a little at the beginning of the week trying to figure out how to use GIMP, but once I figured it out by watching multiple Youtube videos, I was able to complete everything I needed to complete for this week. After using GIMP a few times I started to learn how to use it more and more and I found out that creating some of these designs weren’t as hard as I thought they were going to be. I feel that I completed every assignment this week to the best of my abilities and I was able to incorporate an ongoing sports theme into a lot of my blog post this week. Other than when I was struggling at the beginning, I really enjoyed completing all of the assignments and reading all the different material. I was able to learn so much about design this week because I took the time to read or watch almost every article and video that was posted on the week 2 assignment page. I thought these design tips and tricks were very helpful and I was able to incorporate a lot of those design principles into my work to help create better pictures (I talk about this more in detail in my Vignelli Canon Reflection). I learned a lot from The Vignelli Canon, but I wish I would’ve paid closer attention to when Massimo Vignelli said we shouldn’t procrastinate or I wish I would’ve learned my lesson from last week because once again, I completed most of the assignments during the week, but waited until the last couple of days to actually post them to my blog.

The Vignelli Canon Reflection:

Vignelli Canon Reflection


Design Blitz

4 Daily Creates:

My Growlery

Triple Double Machine

Glass Half Full

Stop Reinventing Yourself

5 Design Assignments totaling 16 out of 12 stars:


Wayne Gretzky Contradiction

Perfect For All Rugrats

Places To Visit

Summer Winter Wonderland

2 Animated GIF Assignments totaling 6 stars:

The Premature Celebration

6’11” = No Problem

Connecting with my classmates:

After reading most of the blog posts by my classmates this week, I commented on a few that I liked or thought the person did a very good job incorporating the design principles we learned this week into their assignments.

Sightseeing in Washington D.C. Design Assignment 5

We Were Already There

Turn A GIF Into A FIG

Contradiction Creation

Contradiction Creation

I also replied to the one comment I received on my blog posts this week.

Places To Visit

That is everything I did this week and I can’t wait until next week so I can keep expanding my horizons and learning new things.

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