Week 1 Summary

This is my ds106 week 1 summary.

Commentary on Setting Up my Domain and Social media:

I struggled a little setting up my domain, but I was able to set it up through the instruction that were provided to us. I already had some previous social media accounts on some of these websites, so it wasn’t too hard figuring out how to set up most of these.

Mutlimodel introduction blog post:

Media introduction

Commentary of Customizing my blog:

I was able to figure out how to customize my blog through the descriptions and tutorials the instructor provided. I was able to pick a color scheme and find a different layout for blog. I also added a profile picture and bio. My favorite change is my wallpaper at the top of my blog. I was able to add a Nike logo to show how much I love sports.

Photoreflection and reflection about all the material viewed:

Becoming a Better Photographer

Photo Safari and reflection:

15 Minute Photo Safari

Three Daily Creates:


The Antelope

DS106 Odyssey

Visual assignments:

Chasing 30

The Troublemaker

Honor, Glory, Power

Pre-Dinner Hunger

Reflection on the Visual Storytelling:

This weeks work wasn’t too bad, I enjoyed participating in these assignments. I feel that i completed these assignments to the best of my abilities and feel like they turned out pretty good. I liked how we were able to pick from hundreds of different possible assignments instead of being given specific ones to complete. This allowed me to find ones that I would enjoy creating. I feel like since I enjoyed creating all the assignments that I completed, it helped me learn more. I feel that some challenged me and helped me expand my picture taking and editing abilities. I was able to complete everything that was required and was able to comment on a few posts from other classmates. I enjoyed reading everyone’s posts and seeing the pictures they created this week. I saw some that might help me in the future while I’m creating more visual assignments. I learned multiple techniques and strategies for helping me become a better photographer and picture editor. I found out that editing pictures are actually a little harder than what I was expecting. Before this week, I had little to no experience taking and editing pictures. I have learned a lot from these assignments this week and I can’t wait to keep expanding my horizons. I also learned that I need to post the assignments when I first complete them instead of waiting until the last two days to post them because creating the pictures are only half of the assignment, the other half is posting them and telling the stories that come with them. This will also give my classmates more time to comment on my posts, so I could be more engaging with the rest of my class.

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