Week 3 Summary

After completing another week for DS106, I am starting to realize that each week is getting harder and harder. I struggled a little at the beginning of the week trying to figure out how to use Audacity, but after a few youtube videos and some practice, I was able to complete all of the work required for this week. I entered this week with no audio storytelling background, but through the all of the required recordings and assignments this week, I was able to learn a lot of new techniques and become a better audio storyteller (but still not that good of one). I always enjoy learning new things and I feel like this week helped me do this. I learned very valuable techniques that I feel that I will be able to use in some of my other classes at UMW. I thought audio storytelling would be a difficult week and for the most part I was right. There wasn’t an overwhelming amount of work to do this week and I started earlier than the past two weeks to start creating my assignments, so I was able to complete everything before I normally do. I wish I would have started a little earlier and got my daily creates out of the way towards the beginning of the week instead of waiting until the last three days to complete my last three creates. Although I didn’t incorporate my ongoing theme of sports into any of my assignments this week, I was able to incorporate a new theme by using my favorite song artist, Drake, into two of my assignments this week. I am very satisfied with my work I completed this week because I did my best on all of my assignments and was able to use some of the tips and techniques we learn earlier in the week to help make my assignments sound better. I am also glad I finished my assignments earlier than normal because now I will be able to watch the season premier of Game of Thrones tonight.

Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad:

I was able to learn so much from these videos to start of the week. I feel like they helped me a lot when I was completing my assignments this week. I waited to post about these recordings until after I finished my required assignments so I could show examples of how I was able to use their tips on creating audio storytelling in some of my work that I completed this week.

Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad Reflection

TED Radio Hour and ScottLo:

I was able to learn valuable tips and techniques on how to create audio storytelling from these recording. These recording helped me become a better audio storyteller before I even created my first story. I also waited to post this assignment until after I completed my assignments because I wanted to show how I used the techniques I learned from the recordings throughout the week.

TED Radio Hour and ScottLo Reflection

Moon Graffiti:

The show I listened to that helped show examples of audio storytelling was called “Moon Graffiti.” I really enjoyed listening to this story. Even through it was completely fictional, except for the part about Richard Nixon’s speech, I was interested in the story the whole time. They did a great job using some of the techniques we learned earlier this week to help better their story. I learned a lot about audio storytelling from this recording and was able use some of the techniques the author used in this story when I was creating my audio stories this week.

Moon Graffiti Reflextion

Audio assignments:

I completed four audio assignments for a total of 15 out of the required 12 stars this week. I always enjoy this part of the week because I am able to choose which assignments I get to participate in out of a huge list of different assignments. This allows me to choose the ones I think are interesting and the assignments that I would have fun completing. My favorite audio assignment this week was the one that was required, the Sound Effects Story because it challenged me to create a story with no dialogue and only sound effects. I struggled at first trying to think of a topic for my story like Ira Glass said I would in his second video, but right when I thought of a good idea, I was able to make what I think was my best audio story of the week.

The Robbery

Rihanna vs Drake

A Rainy Day

Top 5 Best Rap Artist?

4 Daily Creates:

This is always my favorite section of the week because there is a new interesting topic each day where we can incorporate what we learned throughout the past couple of weeks into a short and fun assignment. I completed all four of my daily creates, but I wish I would have looked at the daily creates everyday because I missed out on a couple that I thought were interesting and would enjoy doing. Instead, I completed one assignment earlier in the week and then waited until the last three days to complete the last three daily creates of the week.

Chasing Words

Breaking News: Ocean City Is Closed

Crooked Blinds

Ancient Astronomy

Feedback from your Comments:

I liked how we were required to comment on other people’s posts this week because it made everyone, including myself, engage with each other more. The comments on my post made me feel better about my work when they commented that I did a good job and when they pointed out the techniques I was able to incorporate into my post. Also, they helped me become a better storyteller when they added tips I should try to use for my future posts. I commented on five different classmates’ posts this week and feel that I was able to give them good feed back on what they did well in their assignments. I pointed out how I liked their use of different techniques that we learned this week in their stories and some other interesting things they were able to add to their assignments. I feel that this will make them feel better about their creations and want to continue becoming a better storyteller.

Sound Effects Story

Old Poem Same Feeling

Sound Effects Story

Peep my mixtape fam

Sound Effects Story

I was also able to respond to the two comments I received on my posts. I thanked them for commenting and providing feedback. I was then able to provide feedback on their feedback. I liked the comments that talked about how good of a job I did and how they were able to see some of the techniques we learned this week incorporated into my assignments. It really made me feel good about my stories and made me want to keep creating so I could continue to improve my story telling abilities. I also learned from their comments when they provided tips on making my assignments better. I am going to be sure to use these tips in my future posts.

Breaking News: Ocean City Is Closed

A Rainy Day

What you learned this week:

I was able to learn a variety of audio storytelling tools to help my storytelling abilities grow and prosper. I learned tips and techniques like sound layering, the use of music, and the use of sound effects to help make better audio stories. I was able to use a lot of these techniques throughout the week and enjoyed seeing my story become better and better with each new one I created. I also learned how to use Audacity. I came into the week never even hearing the name Audacity and finished with a good basic understanding of how to use this software. I enjoyed learning how to use this tool because it is just another program that I will be able to say I know how to use on the computer.

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