Week 4 Summary

This is my week 4 summary for DS106. This week didn’t seem like it had as much work as some of the previous weeks, so it wasn’t too bad. I feel that I learned a lot about video storytelling after completing everything we needed to do for this week. The required videos and readings helped me view video storytelling in a whole new way. I also learned many different tips and techniques that producers use to help provide the best movies possible whether if it’s through special effects or just different camera angles. I learned that if you study the different camera angles and the way the scene is set up, you will be able to notice things about the movie or film that the producer is trying to tell you that you have never noticed before. I was also glad that we were able to apply what we learned from these videos and readings to an actual scene from a famous movies.

Even though there seemed to be a little less work this week, I thought that the difficulty was increased. It is hard to edit and produce videos when you have no prior experience in that field. I had trouble at the beginning of the week trying to figure out how to use iMovie because I have never used this app on my computer before this week. After googling and looking up a few videos of the iMovie basics, I was able to get a little bit of a background on this software. After starting my assignments, I was able to mess around with a few of the features and ended up teaching myself how to use parts of iMovie. That was only the fist step of being able to create these assignments though. I then had to put them together and make them look the best as possible. I found these parts of the assignments very tedious and challenging. I was able to push through these obstacles and finish all of my work this week. I feel that I completed every assignment to the best of my ability by using the very little I know about video storytelling. I wish I would have started the actual assignments sooner than I normally do because these actually took longer than the other assignments we had to do throughout the past three weeks. I usually do everything except the assignments and daily creates before Thursday and then start my assignments Thursday night. This actually caused me to finish all of my assignments after I normally do because the recording and editing of the videos took up so much time. If I could start this week over again, I would also make sure I have enough storage on my phone before recording because there were multiple times where I was recording a video for my Another Day At Work assignment where my phone cut me off in the middle of recording because I ran out of storage.

Reading Movies:

I thought that this was a perfect way to start off the week. I feel that these videos and this article provided us with a better understanding of video storytelling. I was able to go from not having any background on this subject other than just watching movies every once in a while to someone who, even though they were basic tips for film making, came out of this week with a better understanding of why film producers do what they do with different camera angles and scenes throughout their movies. I was also able to, through the required videos, learn different techniques film producers use when they are creating transitions from scene to scene or using different camera angles throughout one scene. I was able to use some of these techniques that I learned this week in my assignments. I feel that doing this helped me create better video because these transitions helped my videos flow better and the slow motion and fast forward helped my viewers not lose interest in what they were watching.

Reading Movies

Look. Listen. Analyze:

I feel that this assignment helped us better understand some of the things we learned in the first section this week “Reading Movies” because it allowed us to apply what we learned to an actual scene from a movie. I also think that seeing examples of some of these techniques we learned about this week helped me create the better assignments because I had examples to look back on. I really enjoyed this assignment because I got to study a scene from my favorite movie in a whole new way. I was able to see things that I have never seen before. Some of the random things I noticed while analyzing this scene actually surprised me a little.

Look. Listen. Analyze.


This week, I was able to complete 8.5 of the required 8 stars. I participated in two assignments and enjoyed both of them equally. I think that I learned a lot from creating my own assignments because it helped me see what different techniques we learned earlier this week work at what times and which ones don’t work. These assignments helped me become a better video storyteller because I was able to get my hands dirty and learn from creating instead of from reading or watching. I liked how I was able to show basically a video that I could have titled “A Day In The Life Of Tyler,” and show everyone what I do everyday when I wake up for work. The other assignment was actually bittersweet because I was able to look back at all of the memories I have made over the past couple of years of college, but at the same time realize how fast time is flying by. After struggling with learning how to use iMovie, I feel that I was able to take away a lot of useful information from these assignments and be able to apply what I learned to my future classes as I continue The UMW Experience.

Another Day At Work

The UMW Experience

Comment on other blog post:

I enjoyed having it be required to give feedback and comment on other classmates’ posts again this week because I feel that it helped us connect more with each other and learn from other people’s suggestions. I was able to comment on four other posts by my classmates. I feel that I told them enough things that they did well in their assignments to make sure they will want to keep creating video stories, but I also provided feedback on what I thought they should change, so they will be able to learn from their work and become a better video storyteller. I believe that this is a good balance between what they did well and poorly, so they wont be discouraged to continue creating stories, but also so they will still be able to improve from their previous work.

Post 1 comment:

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Post 3 comment:

Post 4 comment:

I received a few comments on my blog this week that I feel like helped me become a better storyteller because they gave enough feedback where they were able to tell me what I did well on and what I should continue doing and they gave me feedback on what I wasn’t doing so well. I was able to take their constructive criticism and let it fuel me to become a better storyteller and help me provide the best work possible when I start my final week of DS106. I was able to respond to these comments thanking them for commenting and for the feedback they gave. I responded to what they said and any tips they gave me. I also answered any questions they had for me. I felt that I was able to take something away from these comments that I will be able to use next week.

1st reply:

Assignment: Where’s Tina?

2nd and 3rd reply:

Assignment: Another Day At Work

Daily Creates:

Daily creates are always my favorite part of the week, not only because it is the easiest, but because they always have new fun-filled assignment each day that lets you be as creative as you want with it. They usually don’t restrict to one unit like audio or design, but they give you a chance to express your idea in whatever way you want. This allows me the freedom to create something in the unit of DS106 that I like the best or the unit that best fits the task at hand.

The Dabbing Robot

Where’s Tina?

Pittsburgh Art


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