Week 5 Summary

This is my last weekly summary for DS106. The feeling is a little bittersweet because I was really enjoying participating in some of these assignments, but I am also glad that I don’t have to worry about completing any work for the rest of the summer. I really enjoyed this class because I was able to learn so many new things. I learned how to take better pictures, edit pictures, edit audio, and create video. Before this class started, I had no background information on any of the things I just listed, so each week was a whole new learning experience. I also was able to learn how to use software like GIMP, Audacity, and iMovie. I didn’t know how to use any of those before this week and now that I do, I feel that I will be able to use those tools in future classes if I get the chance to. My favorite week this semester was probably the visual week, so week 1, but not just because it seemed like it was the easiest week, but because I really liked participating in the photo safari. I thought this assignment was really fun because we had a list of different things we had to take pictures of in only 15 minutes. This caused me to be creative and to think outside of the box for some of my pictures. Since that assignment made be have to use my brain and my newly formed picture taking abilities in a timed photo hunt, I would say that it was my favorite assignment of the 5 weeks. There are a few things that I would change if I had to retake this class and one of them is starting my work early in the week so I’m not cramming the last couple days before its due. One of the other things I would change is how much I commented on my classmates’ posts before it was required. I only commented on three or four other posts the first couple of weeks, but know I wish that I commented more because it helped me engage with my classmates more and because I liked when people commented on my posts. I felt that I got enough feedback from my classmates, so I would be able to become a better storyteller and I just wish that I was able to help my classmates out more by commenting on their posts more. Other than that, I had a lot of fun learning new things every week and becoming a better storyteller. This class has turned out to be one of my favorite classes since I started at UMW because of how we got to choose our own assignments every week and because most of it incorporated at least one form of social media.


Poster Tutorial

Bumper Sticker Tutorial

Pump Up Video Tutorial

Radio Ad Tutorial

T-shirt Tutorial

GIF Tutorial

Final Project:

This was a very fun and challenging project. I enjoyed trying to put everything we learned within the past five weeks into one story. It was challenging to find different assignments from different categories and come up with a story that was able to tie them all together. I first was searching through all of the possible assignments when I saw a couple of sports assignments in a row and thats how I was able to come up with this idea for my story.

2017 World Series

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